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Evolynx Admin

  • If you see a blank page when calling Admin Program, you need to associate new file name extensions and new settings for ASP.NET. For more information see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 325093
  • If you get the “Page not found” or 404 error when trying to reach Evolynx Web Admin installed on a Windows 2003 or higher server, it may be because support is not installed on the server. Open Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs applet then click on Add/Remove Windows Components. Select Application Server and click on Details button. Make sure is checked.

Evolynx RADIUS service

  • When starting the Evolynx RADIUS service using Services applet or Evolynx Controller tool, make sure its current state is “Started” to “Running”.
  • Check Windows Event Viewer to see if there is any error messages from EvolynxRadius service. These events are displayed under “Evolynx RADIUS Server Events” Log.
  • If you find erros like “An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions”, make sure no other RADIUS server is running on that server. Most of the time, IAS (Internet Authentication Service) which comes with Windows Operating System is using the same ports as Evolynx RADIUS.
  • If you are evaluating the software, note that Evolynx RADIUS server will not work more than 30 days without a valid license file.
  • Make sure you have defined the client IP Address and Secret in “Clients.txt” file. Even if you are running the Test Tool from same computer as the server is running, you need to define that computer as a client.
  • By default, Evolynx RADIUS will use a MS-SQL server database on the same computer as the RADIUS service is running. If you are using another computer as the database server, or you want to use another type of database, you need to use the correct “Connection String” defined in config file.
  • Change the “LogMode” setting to see what happens when a RADIUS request is received by RADIUS service. (Configuration Settings)
  • Examine the RADIUS.LOG file to see the reasone for rejected requests.
  • “Invalid Packet Authenticator” : 99% of the time the problem is that the client secret at server side does not match the secret at client side.

SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2005 Express edition Configuration Guide
  • When installing the Evolynx RADIUS Server, if a message appears declaring that SQL server could not be fount or you do not have enough access rights, make sure your SQL Server is configured for mixed mode, not SQL mode authentication.
  • If you see error events in Eventlog with a message like “…Login failed for user 'EvolynxRadius'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection …”, make sure your SQL Server is configured for mixed mode, not SQL mode authentication.
  • If you see the error message “SQL Server does not exist or Access Denied”, make sure your MSDE SQL service is running (chech services). Also make sure SQL server is listening on TCP port 1433. On the same computer running SQL Server, run the command “SVRNETCN” and see if TCP/IP is selected as “Enabled Protocols”. Check properties to make sure it is listening on port 1433.
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