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SQL 2005 Express Configuration

A default installation of SQL Server 2005 Express edition will not work as the database server for Evolynx RADIUS. In order to allow the Evolynx setup program to install the database and the Evolynx Server and Admin programs to access the data, there are some configuration changes necessary.
SQL Server Express default configuration does not listen to the default TCP port 1433. To verify your SQL server is listening on port 1433, open a Command Prompt window and run this command:

netstat -ano | findstr 1433

If you see an entry in this list with the text “LISTENING”, it means SQL Server is correctly configured to listen to port 1433 (or your selected port). If you do not see this entry, continue with following instructions:

  1. Use Start menu to find and execute “SQL Server Configuration Manager”.
  2. Expand the node “SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration”
  3. Click on “Protocols for Instance Name” (default Instance Name is SQLEXPRESS)
  4. Right-Click on TCP/IP and select Properties
  5. Click on “IP Addresses” tab
  6. Make sure IP1 and IP2 are Active and Enabled
  7. Clear the value in front of “TCP Dynamic Ports” (everywhere)
  8. Set the “TCP Port” to 1433 or any other port number you choose (everywhere)
  9. Apply changes
  10. Re-start the service as prompted
  11. After making these configuration changes, run the above “netstat” command to verify SQL server is listening on port 1433 (or your selected port).

When installing Evolynx Server database, enter complete “Server name\Instance Name”. Also, specify port number (1433 or your selected port number), Asmin User name (sa), and related password. It is very important to modify the Connection String in both (server and admin) configuration files to include instance name and port number. Following example can be used with a default installation of SQL Express on the same computer as the Evolynx runs:

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