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Evolynx RADIUS is capable of sending Change of Authorization (CoA) packets to NAS. For this to work, NAS should be configured to send accounting intervals, or Evolynx RADIUS should be configured to run maintenance job (or both). Evolynx RADIUS setting for CoA should be enabled as well. See Configuration Settings.

When any of these events are triggered and there is any Custom Attribute defined for the service or the customer, those custom attributes are included in the CoA request. If any custom attribute is conditional, the condition will be evaluated and if met, attribute will be included in the CoA packet. For CoA to work, NAS must be accepting packets and the port it uses to listen to CoA must be specified in Evolynx Client definition (see Configuring Clients).

Here is a simple description of the workflow:

  • User is connected to the NAS
  • NAS periodically sends Accounting-Interim requests to RADIUS
  • RADIUS finds a conditional custom attribute which is based on Acct-Input-Octets, Acct-Output-Octets, Acct-Input-Gigawords or Acct-Output-Gigawords (or any other condition you can define)
  • RADIUS checks attributes in the Accounting-Interim packet and finds it meets the condition (of say, going over limit)
  • RADIUS creates a CoA packet and includes the conditional attribute and sends it to NAS
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