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6.2.4 (01/26/2024)

  • Fix: Server will consider a request as timed out if not completed in 5 seconds
  • Fix: Added milliseconds to timestamps in logs
  • No Database update needed if upgrading from 6.2.3

6.2.3 (11/13/2023)

  • Fix: 15% better performance in compare to v5.7.x
  • Fix: RADIUS test tool improvement to eliminate collision of accounting session IDs
  • Database update required

6.1.0 (10/10/2016)

  • New: Support for Custom Attributes overwriting existing attribute

6.0.1 Beta (9/18/2016)

  • New: IPv6 support
  • New: Rewritten the Socket Server
  • New: Performance improvements

5.7.2 (12/03/2013)

  • Fix: Added more error handling for the Installer

5.7.1 (11/17/2013)

  • Fix: Fixed a bug in Proxy/Forwarding feature

5.6.6 (09/09/2013)

  • New: Added “Warning” log mode
  • Fix: Fixed bug related to calculation of octet Gigawords
  • Fix: Fixed crash when password was not sent to server
  • Fix: Changed Login ID and password field size from 32 to 100
  • Fix: Wait for 2 interim updates before considering a client as disconnected (during maintenance job)
  • Note: Database needs to be updated

5.6.0 (04/04/2013)

  • New: Allow multiple IP address ranges for Company IP Pool
  • New: Changed some of the SQL DataTypes
  • Fix: Globalization of the Calendar control
  • Fix: Fixed a bug causing crashes during Maintenance process
  • Fix: Fixed bug related to calculation of total time when connections are cleaned during maintenance job
  • Fix: Fixed an issue caused by RADIUS server and SQL server not being on the same time-zone
  • Note: Database needs to be updated

5.5.1 (02/17/2013)

  • New: CoA packet support
  • New: Changed SmallDateTime to DateTime
  • Note: Database needs to be updated

5.2.5 (12/26/2011)

  • New: Added Called-Station-Id to the Disconnect-Request packet
  • Note: Make sure you upgrade the database at setup time

5.2.0 (03/05/2011)

  • New: Added Client IP address to DB Log
  • New: Added more logging to help detect bad Attribute definitions
  • Fix: Fixed a bug related to compatibility with SQL server 2000
  • Fix: Fixed a bug related to when remote client does not close the connection correctly

5.1.0 (06/14/2010)

  • New: Multiple User-Name exception rules

5.0.4 (05/20/2010)

  • New: Multiple instances of the service can be installed on the same machine
  • New: Can use Client-IP-Address as the condition for Custom Attributes

5.0.3 (01/28/2010)

  • Fix: Fixed issue with wildcards “*” in Client IP address

5.0.2 (07/12/2009)

  • Fix: Fixed multiple bugs

5.0.0 (06/23/2009)

  • New: Completely rewritten from scratch for .net 2.0
  • New: Allows multiple listeners
  • New: Allows VoIP and non-VoIP calls at the same time

4.0.0 (01/31/2009)

  • New: Added Performance Counters
  • New: Added more control on Packet Log
  • Note: Packet Log is now only controlled by the config file

3.9.8 (04/01/2008)

  • New: Can now specify Service Duration in Minutes, Hours and Days
  • New: Resolved a memory leak issue in VoIP mode
  • Note: Make sure you upgrade the database at setup time

3.9.5 (05/05/2007)

  • New: Supports SIP Digest Authentication for YATE VoIP server
  • New: Allows selection of h323-call-origin and h323-call-type to determine which Accounting packets will be used to calculate call time for VoIP calls
  • New: Improvements in test tool

3.9.4 (11/01/2006)

  • New: Can activate an account after the first successful login

3.9.0 (09/05/2006)

  • New: supports Non-ASCII characters in User Name and Password (only PAP and MS-CHAP 1)
  • New: It will store the Called-Station-Id in the Usage table, if it exists in the Accounting-Stop packets
  • New: Allows Password verification in VoIP mode
  • New: Has been tested with Epygi VoIP equipment
  • New: Supports Disconnect-Message
  • Note: This version uses a new licensing mechanism
  • Note: Make sure you upgrade the database at setup time

3.6.0 (02/01/2006)

  • New: Calling-Station-Id will be logged in Usage table (if present in Accounting-Stop packet)

3.5.9 (11/03/2005)

  • New: Q931 Disconnect Causes for completed calls can be specified
  • Fix: Some issues with VoIP accounting were fixed
  • Note: Make sure you upgrade the database at setup time
  • Always make backups!

3.5.1 (10/08/2005)

  • New: Supports “Maintenance Fee and Connection Fee”
  • Fix: An issue with Customers page was fixed
  • Note: Make sure you upgrade the database at setup time

3.4.0 (09/26/2005)

  • New: Supports “First Call Fee”
  • Fix: An issue with date/time in previous build fixed
  • Note: Make sure you upgrade the database at setup time

3.3.0 (09/25/2005)

  • New: Successfully tested with Cisco and Quintum VoIP equipment
  • Note: Let install program update your database

3.1.0 (07/24/2005)

  • New: Packet log now logs Interim Accounting packets also
  • Fix: Database upgrade program was modified to increase timeout value
  • Note: IBusiness programming interface has changed. See Using API
  • Note: Let install program update your database

3.0.0 (02/19/2005)

  • New: Packet Log feature lets you log any attribute you need
  • Note: Let install program update your database

2.6.2 (01/23/2005)

  • Fix: Will not crash because of a full Event Log

2.5.1751 (10/17/2004)

  • New: Surcharges for service fees
  • New: Will retry to start the service if it fails at start
  • Fix: More error handling
  • Note: Let install program update your database

2.4.1562 (04/11/2004)

  • New: Support for IP Address Pool
  • Note: Let install program update your database

2.3.1547 (03/27/2004)

  • Optimization: Now it runs %10 faster
  • Fix: A bug in “database install” introduced in build 2.3.1527 was fixed

2.3.1527 (03/07/2004)

  • New: Email Notifications
  • Note: Make sure update the database when installing this version

2.2.1519 (02/28/2004)

  • New: Conditional Custom Attributes
  • Note: Make sure update the database when installing this version

2.1.1515 (02/24/2004)

  • New: Accepts “*” Wildcard as part of RADIUS Client IP

2.1.1507 (02/16/2004)

  • New: Primary and Secondary periods for each service
  • Fix: Restored compatibility with SQL server 7.0

2.0.1485 (01/25/2004)

  • New: Web Based configuration is enabled by default
  • New: Saves a copy of the Error Log information in database
  • Note: Only supports .net framework 1.1

1.7.1426.23936 (11/27/03)

  • New: Version number is added to the Log file
  • Fix: If the Service is disabled, the Customer will not be able to login
  • Fix: Session-Timeout is only sent for prepaid Services

1.7.1407.21293 (11/8/2003)

  • New: A switch is added to config file to change the time calculation precision between Minutes and Seconds

1.7.1401.23401 (11/2/2003)

  • New: One new field (Middle Name) is added to Customers table

1.7.1387.22199 (10/19/2003)

  • Fix: Non-standard VSAs with Vendor type numbers greater than 255 which were causing the software to not respond are now ignored

1.7.1359.25557 (09/21/2003)

  • New: Updated to support Simplified Business DLL

1.7.1354.35911 (09/16/2003)

  • Fix: White spaces before and after User-Name will be igno

1.7.1351.27519 (09/13/2003)

  • New: Custom Attributes can be defined for Customers. (In addition to Services)

1.7.1344.20497 (09/06/2003)

  • New: Support for Logger DLL

1.7.1327.39377 (08/13/2003)

  • New: it now sends the Session-Timeout attribute if Service is prepaid and there is a per minute charge

1.7.1318.25074 (08/10/2003)

  • New: More options on Proxy forwarding

1.7.1305.23753 (07/29/03)

  • New: Supports Cisco prepaid VoIP service

1.5.1272.25559 (06/26/2003)

  • New: EAP-TLS support (beta)
  • New: MPPE Encryption support
  • New: Custom Attribute support
  • Fix: A minor bug with CHAP authentication is fixed

1.0.1224.18021 (05/09/2003)

  • New: Now you can test the software for 30 days without registering it

1.0.1214.39563 (04/29/2003)

  • Fix: Bug related to forwarding EAP-TLS packets (proxy mode)
  • Fix: More advanced error handling and event logging

1.0.1209.14147 (04/24/2003)

  • New: Configuration settings can be changed using API
  • New: Authentication protocols can be enabled or disabled in config file

1.0.1196.17745 (04/11/2003)

  • New: List of client IPs and Secrets can be loaded using API

1.0.1194.27086 (04/09/2003)

  • New: API is ready for use

1.0.1194.13353 (04/09/2003)

  • Fix: License file is moved from System32 folder to Evolynx RADIUS Application folder

V 1.0 B1.9 (04/08/03)

  • New: SQL server 7 is also supported

V 1.0 B1.8 (04/02/2003)

  • New: Ability to accept commands from Evolynx Server Controller

V 1.0 B1.7 (03/19/2003)

  • New: Proxy (Forwarding) operation

V 1.0 B1.6 (03/17/03)

  • New: Support for a RADIUS Dictionary file. This feature is necessary for Proxy and API
  • Known Issue: Above feature caused performance decreased by 20%

V 1.0 B1.5 (03/10/03)

  • New: Support for SQL server Port numbers is added to Install program

V 1.0 B1.4 (03/09/2003)

  • New: RADIUS Client information is no longer stored in SQL server

V 1.0 B1.3 (03/08/2003)

  • New: Can be used as a remote server for RADIUS Proxy servers

V 1.0 B1.2 (03/05/2003)

  • New: Can log details about rejected or discarded packets

V 1.0 B1.1 (02/28/2003)

  • Fix: Improvements in database installation

V 1.0 B1.0 (02/26/2003)

  • First Beta ready for download
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