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 +=== Surcharges ===
 +In some situations you may want to change the service fees based on a RADIUS attribute. You can define rules to apply surcharges to the service based on value of an attribute. For example, you can add a one-time fee to the service, if a customer is calling from a pay phone. A Surcharge can be a one-time fee or a per minute fee. These fees will be deducted from Customer'​s balance.
 + \\
 + \\
 +===Surcharge Value===
 +Is the amount which will be deducted from customer, if specified attribute satisfies the surcharge rule.
 +===Surcharge Type===
 +You can define 2 types of surcharges: "Per Minute"​ and "Per Connection"​.
 +This integer value specifies the order in which surcharges are applied. This order does not have any effect on if a surcharge will be applied or not.
 +===Surcharge Rule===
 +At the time of processing surcharges, the value of attribute which its name is entered in "​Evaluate Attribute"​ box will be checked against "​Value"​ using the evaluation relationship specified by "​Is"​ dropdown. This is the rule which defines when a surcharge should be applied.
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