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In some situations you may want to change the service fees based on a RADIUS attribute. You can define rules to apply surcharges to the service based on value of an attribute. For example, you can add a one-time fee to the service, if a customer is calling from a pay phone. A Surcharge can be a one-time fee or a per minute fee. These fees will be deducted from Customer's balance.

Surcharge Value

Is the amount which will be deducted from customer, if specified attribute satisfies the surcharge rule.

Surcharge Type

You can define 2 types of surcharges: “Per Minute” and “Per Connection”.


This integer value specifies the order in which surcharges are applied. This order does not have any effect on if a surcharge will be applied or not.

Surcharge Rule

At the time of processing surcharges, the value of attribute which its name is entered in “Evaluate Attribute” box will be checked against “Value” using the evaluation relationship specified by “Is” dropdown. This is the rule which defines when a surcharge should be applied.

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