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Packet Log

Evolynx RADIUS server can be configured to log any selection of the attributes from RADIUS packets. This will let you log attributes that are not logged by the default system settings. To enable this feature, use Settings page of the Admin program and select the “Enable Packet Log” check box.

Note: Enabling this feature will reduce the performance.

Customizing the PacketLog Table

PacketLog table has some predefined columns to log extra RADIUS attributes. You can customize this table structure based on your requirements. When adding and removing columns of this table, please keep the following in mind:

  • Do NOT make any change in columns ID, Date, PacketType and TargetIP.
  • Use the exact name of the RADIUS Attribute for the column name. Name must match what is defined in the radius.txt dictionary file.
  • Edit the file PacketLogColumns.txt to reflect the column names you used in the table. Note that column names ID, Date, PacketType and TargetIP are not mentioned in this file.
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