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 +=== Multiple RADIUS Instances ===
 +Since version 5.0.4, multiple instances of the Evolynx RADIUS server can run on the same machine.
 +After installing the first instance, make sure everything is working like a normal installation. To get a second instance, simply copy the program folder with all the contents (no need to copy the Admin web site) to a new folder. Create a config file (Evolynx.RADIUS.exe.config) to specify the ServiceName like following:
 +<code xml>
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"​ ?>
 +    <​appSettings>​
 +        <add key="​ServiceName"​ value="​Evolynx RADIUS 1"/>​
 +    </​appSettings>​
 +After creating the config file, use the InstallUtil tool (comes with to install the new instance:
 +InstallUtil Evolynx.RADIUS.exe
 +Then use the “Evolynx Controller” to change the IP address or the port numbers RADIUS listens to (each instance has to use separate IP address and/or port numbers for obvious reasons). Evolynx Controller must run from the same folder where the config file exists. After IP address and/or port numbers are changed, you can start the service using controller tool.
 +Things to note: 
 +  - Performance counters will be going nuts (each instance overwrites the counters).
 +  - EventLog (in Windows Event Viewer) will be the same for all instances, but Source will be different.
 +  - No need to get a new license, because they will be running on the same box.
 +  - When un-installing,​ it may be necessary to un-install the first instance (which was installed using the installer) before those installed manually.
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