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Multiple RADIUS Instances

Since version 5.0.4, multiple instances of the Evolynx RADIUS server can run on the same machine.

After installing the first instance, make sure everything is working like a normal installation. To get a second instance, simply copy the program folder with all the contents (no need to copy the Admin web site) to a new folder. Create a config file (Evolynx.RADIUS.exe.config) to specify the ServiceName like following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <add key="ServiceName" value="Evolynx RADIUS 1"/>

After creating the config file, use the InstallUtil tool (comes with to install the new instance:

InstallUtil Evolynx.RADIUS.exe

Then use the “Evolynx Controller” to change the IP address or the port numbers RADIUS listens to (each instance has to use separate IP address and/or port numbers for obvious reasons). Evolynx Controller must run from the same folder where the config file exists. After IP address and/or port numbers are changed, you can start the service using controller tool.

Things to note:

  1. Performance counters will be going nuts (each instance overwrites the counters).
  2. EventLog (in Windows Event Viewer) will be the same for all instances, but Source will be different.
  3. No need to get a new license, because they will be running on the same box.
  4. When un-installing, it may be necessary to un-install the first instance (which was installed using the installer) before those installed manually.
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