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 +=== Controller Tool ===
 +Configuration of the RADIUS Server is done by the //Evolynx Controller//​ tool. This tool is a Windows program which allows you to check and control status of the RADIUS Server, and also provides a user interface to modify the configuration settings. These settings are different from data managed by the Web Admin, because these settings are stored in an XML configuration file named **settings.xml**. All data managed by Web Admin are stored in the SQL Server database. \\
 +//Evolynx Controller//​ tool can be executed by clicking on its icon in the Start menu, or by directly executing the program from Windows Explorer or command line. The //Status// tab shows current status of the RADIUS Service and some Performance counters. It also lets you Start or Stop the service. \\
 + \\
 +{{:​Controller_status.JPG|}} \\
 +//​Commands//​ tab gives you more detailed control on how Evolynx RADIUS works. \\
 + \\
 +{{:​Controller_commands.JPG|}} \\
 +Most of the buttons shown above are active only when the Service is running. Those buttons will send a signal to the Service to execute a specific task. Those tasks are: \\
 + \\
 +  * Reload Configuration:​ Reloads the configuration file //​settings.xml//​ and applies the changes.
 +  * Reload RADIUS Dictionary: Reloads the dictionary file //​radius.txt//​ and applies the changes.
 +  * Reload RADIUS Clients: Reloads the Clients from API or from file //​clients.txt//​ and applies the changes.
 +  * Reload Proxy settings: Reloads the proxy settings from file //​proxy.txt//​ and applies the changes.
 +  * Clear Logs: Clears the current Log file stored in the Logs folder and truncates the Log table in database.
 +  * Run Maintenance:​ Manually forces the Maintenance operations to be executed. Maintenance operations are normally executed on specific time intervals.
 +  * Send Notifications:​ Manually forces the email Notifications to be sent. Notifications are normally sent on specific time of day.
 + \\
 +In addition to above buttons, the are other buttons that are always enabled, regardless of the status of the service: \\
 + \\
 +  * Open Log Folder: Opens a Windows Explorer to location of Log files. This is handy when you are troubleshooting,​ because very useful information can be found in the log file.
 +  * Change Settings: Opens the Settings window, which lets you modify the [[Configuration Settings]]. \\
 + \\
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